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Our Story

Okay Lady is brought to life by a team of incredibly talented, like-minded women who know the juggle is real and whose mantra is “we got your back girlfriend”. 

Think of us as your bossy bestie who will ALWAYS tell you it’s more than Okay Lady to take some time out for YOU.

All our illustrations are created by professional female artists who receive royalties from every single sale.

We want the images to resonate with you and your gal pals and make sure that the clever clogs’ who created them are recognised and paid accordingly.

You know, because that’s fair and empowering.

The Puzzle Collections are designed and shipped with love from Melbourne, Australia.

A note from the head lady...

Hey there,

I'm Kristy and I adore people. I love hanging out and chatting with my family, my girlfriends, my colleagues, the regulars at our pub, the kind saviours who make my coffee in the morning and the legends who serve me a cocktail at night.

But the only way I’m able to enjoy and sustain these relationships, outings, and social interactions are to carve out my alone time – for the sake of my sanity. Giving myself the space to replenish my limited stock of social sparks is essential to my being me.

I need to allow myself the headroom to be calm, think and rest.

As a wife, mother, business owner, friend, sister, daughter, aunty and location-oracle of where all the things in our house are (“Babe, where’s my…?”), this kind space is incredibly hard to come by.

“Me” time has definitely been a source of anxiety and stress; knowing I need it but feeling as though it’s just another thing to add to my endless to-do list. Something I should prioritise but don’t. Then I beat myself up about not making it happen, or worse, blow up at the people around me because I needed it so badly and couldn’t schedule it! Round and round this endless dance goes... until now.

Now what I’ve found helpful is to shut off my beloved electronic devices and do something low-fi. Doing nothing doesn’t really work for me, meditation isn’t my strong suit, but if I have something peaceful to do, something that holds my focus without being too much of a mental strain I find that deeply replenishing.

Jigsaw puzzles, in particular, are my jam. I love the crap out of them. They have been perceived as kinda uncool, or even geeky, for so long. Often the images are splashes of garish colour or drab renditions of watercolour scenes, and it's hard to find one that looks great.

So, I set out to create something that is super lush to look at and you’re not going to scramble to hide it away in a cupboard if you get busted don’t get it done in one sitting.

Something that combines quality materials and complements your interior style. A jigsaw for those of us who need the downtime; and won't stand for such depressing graphics being seared into our eyeballs whilst we complete it. Something that comes in kick arse packaging so that you’re super proud to display it in your home or that you’d be delighted to send to a girlfriend in need.

In a nutshell, I’m sorting us all out with a better puzzle. For me and for you, Okay Lady?

Well done on reading this far! I massively appreciate your time and am always keen to hear your thoughts. Feel free to send me an email at or to hit me up on the socials and say “Hi”.

Obviously, I’ll reply as soon as I’ve finished my latest puzzle.


Kristy xx