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You Completed Your Puzzle, So Now What?

January 29, 2020

Okay Lady - DIY Framing a Jigsaw Puzzle - You Completed Your Puzzle, So Now What?

So you spent some quality hours piecing together your Okay Lady Puzzle.

Enjoyed all the self-care time afforded to oneself.

Basked in the relaxation of the experience.

And then wondered what on earth you're supposed to do with this jigsaw now that it's been sitting on the dining room table for weeks?!

It's too pretty to just stick back in the cupboard right? 
It's meant to be displayed, that's why the Head Lady took such care in selecting the artists and designs.

We've been working hard behind the scenes to come up with affordable and easy framing solutions and we are pleased to bring you Step 1! 
No matter how you decide to put your print up at home, it all starts with the same initial process - glueing.

It's simple to do, not too messy and won't cost much, other than a little bit of time...

You will need:

- Modge Podge Puzzle Saver* (or similar) - 118ml is enough to lacquer 2 jigsaws
- Sponge brush (wider is better for quicker application)

  • Place your completed Puzzle on a flat surface, in a well-ventilated area and put some paper or cardboard underneath to protect whatever it's sitting on.
    You can do this outside, but if it's windy, you might get pieces of dust or dirt stuck to the pieces while the glue is drying, so bear this mind

  • Pour the Modge Podge directly onto the surface of the Puzzle - but do it in sections, so that if you need to add more you can
  • Gently brush the liquid in large, swift strokes across all the pieces and make sure the glue falls into the cracks between each outline
  • Don't worry that it looks white - it will dry clear! If any pieces have popped out when you moved the design, just push them flat with your fingers as you work 

  • Once the whole Puzzle is covered you need to let it dry, then flip it over and repeat the process
  • For best results, we found doing this 3 times on each side works best! 
    It ensures the pieces stick together and are robust enough to be placed upright in various frames

  • Once your Puzzle is ready to frame, you wait patiently until you see all the fun "hacks" we've got coming up! 



*We got our supplies at Spotlight but most art stores carry these items or just ask the Googles to order online

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