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Puzzle Framing Hack #1 - The Kmart Hack

February 06, 2020

Puzzle Framing Hack #1 - The Kmart Hack

As promised Lady, we are bringing you some fun, easy and affordable DIY tutorials on how to frame your beautiful artwork once you've completed your Puzzle!

Before you crack out all your tools, you need to glue your jigsaw together, which will take an hour or two, so start HERE

Our first framing project will no doubt bring joy to every Karen, Janet and possibly Susan, as it comes direct from the home of the "hack" - Kmart.

While sourcing frames, we were thrilled to find a suitable size in the hallowed halls of this strip-lit, mega shop and it's only $11!

We took the "Monstera Framed Print" and fashioned it into the perfect mount for our "Queenie"Puzzle.

You will need:

- 1 x Monstera Framed Print for a "wood" finish
  1 x Protea Flower Framed Print for a white finish
- Stanley knife
- Flat edge knife (like a butter knife) or teaspoon
- Masking tape

*UPDATE 05.01.21 - Unfortunately, these K-Mart framed prints are no longer available. If you pop '52x52cm print' or '21x21inch print' into Google you'll find something comparable. K xx

Use your Stanley knife to carefully cut the paper backing from the rear side of the print.
Remove it completely and pop it in the recycle.

Then take your flat-edged knife or teaspoon and very gently slide it under the staples to lift them up from the backboard.

Depending how much glue is holding your frame together, you might need to use your sharp blade to cut into it so you can peel it all off.

Clearly need to refill the rinse aid in the dishwasher

Tip the backing board out the frame and then line up your Puzzle so that it's sitting evenly against each side of the white mount frame.
For extra stability or pedantic need for exact measurements, use some tape to secure the jigsaw to the mount board.

Now work in the reverse and replace the backing board and push the staples back down to close up your frame tightly. 

Et voilá ready to hang on the wall!


We'd LOVE to see your Puzzles on display in your home, so don't forget to tag us on the socials @okayladyau



*Please note these framing instructions are for adult use only, we take no responsibility for injuries received by attempting this hack. 
This post was no way endorsed by Kmart - but if you're reading this big K and want to work with us, send us an email HERE

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