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Meet Our Lady - Maria Harran - Designer

February 17, 2019

Hi Lady!

Welcome to the first in our series of introductions to the OL Team (or we might be a "Coven", we haven't quite decided).

When Head Lady Kristy came up with the concept of OL, it was incredibly important that not only the artwork on the actual Puzzles had artistic merit, but that the experience of receiving one of our jigsaws was also worthy of rapture and joy.
And that the Lady would proudly display it in her home as a stand-alone object, because it was just too beautiful to hide in a cupboard with the Trivial Pursuit.

Enter Maria Harran, the talented Graphic Designer who created the exquisite packaging for our first Collection. 

Glasgow-born Maria, has been working in the industry for 23 years (started when she was 8 obvs) and has a real love of creating packaging. Her path crossed with Kristy just as she'd taken the leap to start her own business, and a beautiful, peach-colour-loving relationship was born. 

Maria took a few moments out of her busy world to chat about why she wanted to work with Okay Lady and share some of her tips around self-care.

Why did you want to get involved with Okay Lady?

Towards the end of 2018, I made the massive move from my corporate design role of 15 years to set up my own business.
Kristy was my first client and when she briefed me on her 'little idea' I was totally in. What a first gig! I LOVE to package; working with cool and savvy lady bosses, mindfulness, beautifully crafted illustrations by female artists and an open slather to 'do my thing' - it was a gift.

What does self care look like to you?

Taking a yoga class, catching up with amazing lady pals who make me feel good, asking for help if I need it and pampering, lots of pampering. 

What does mindfulness mean to you?

A creative head is forever full of all the things, so I use 'Smiling Mind App'  when I need to reboot.
Taking time out to concentrate on just one thing; reading a book, doing puzzle or going for a run helps me stay mindful and in the moment. 

How do you "switch off"?

I find music very therapeutic, my fave bands to switch off to are Boards of Canada, Broadcast, Beach House and anything on Reverberation Radio for LA beach vibes.
Adding a yoga class once a week takes me out completely.

You can follow our girl Maz over on the squares HERE 

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