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Happy Galentine's Day!

February 12, 2021

Happy Galentine's Day!

Happy Galentine's Day Lady!

You may not be totally familiar with this important marker - it all started with Amy Poehler's character Leslie Knope on the TV show Parks and Recreation back in 2010. In the episode that created this faux holiday, Leslie says, “Every February 13, my lady friends and I leave our husbands and our boyfriends at home and we just come and kick it, breakfast-style. Ladies celebrating ladies.”

And THAT is something that the team at Okay Lady are passionate about! We champion woman on the daily; our business values are centred around fair wages, recognition of talent and achievement, flexible working conditions and creating opportunities.
As for our community? Well Lady, you're a huge part of that, and we are so glad you're here!
Sure our Instagram account was started to show you our Puzzles, but our message of the importance of self-care, taking time out and throwing all the usual guilt tropes in the bin, has created a space where over 10,000 women gather to cheer each other on.
Every single day we strive to encourage, inspire and give you permission to look after yourself in the way you deserve - and clearly you are here for it.
That makes us so proud, of us and of you!

Female friendship comes in all different forms, but no matter whether it's online, IRL, long-distance or based on a common interest, these relationships run deep, they're fiercely loyal, supportive, fun, crucial and mean the world to us.

We chatted to some of our favourite Ladies about what some of their best friendships look like and why they are important.

Maria Harran - Okay Lady Graphic Designer

I met my best friend Fi in high school. I gravitated to her instantly for her sense of style, humour and kind heart. We have been besties for 32 years, she lives in our home city of Glasgow and I live in Melbourne.
We've been "apart" for 17 years but we are still very much connected:
  •  We would write to each other when I first immigrated 17 years ago, before the days of Facebook, WhatsApp and Zoom. Now technology makes it easy for us to stay connected. We share pics and stories of motherhood, the highs and lows and everything in between.
  • We still write the odd letter or card and send each other gifts, always arriving unexpectedly which always makes my day.
  • Checking in on each other even just to say "Hi, I miss you!" - sometimes a wee message goes a long way.
  • Every 5 years we plan a trip for a proper catch-up, just the two of us.
    Past trips have been to New York and Bali, treasured memories. We were due to hook up in Paris this year but then Covid.
I cannot wait until we can both be together again but I know she is always there for me no matter how many oceans lie between us.


Kathleen Benham - Melbourne-based Jeweller

Kathleen front and centre!

My friendship group originally "met" each other in the "Gorman Outfit of the Day" Facebook page.
Some of the girls started organising get togethers a couple of years ago. One member, Jessica came to one of my markets back in 2019 and invited me to something and the rest is history!
We started off with a love of colour and Gorman, but over time we have also bonded over our love of art, movies, food and some of us now are rollerskating.
Communication is mainly over DM in Facebook where we have a lot of group chats set up. That's usually where we organise our IRL dates and these meet ups are so important! It's where we get to laugh, chat and mess about. Talking online is nice, but not the same as catching up in person.
We kept in touch during lockdown, which was hard, but I think being able to keep in contact online kept our friendships strong, and made us keener to catch up when we were free.
It was definitely a support for me being able to talk to my gal pals online during lockdown, and we definitely made the most of a bad situation.


Anthea Riskas - Social Media Lady & Belinda Galloway - owner The Windsor Workshop

L-R: Bel, Bree (Bel's biz partner & bestie) and Anthea

Bel and me are very much cut from the same cloth - empaths (almost to a fault!), no filter and have heard that we are "too much" our whole lives - a badge, that with age, we've learned to wear proudly.
Neither of us are fans of talking on the phone so our text message threads are long, hilarious and completely inappropriate most of the time; more than once we've promised to burn each other's phones in the event of our sudden deaths!
One thing that we provide for each is hard talk, as we've built a friendship that allows space for saying confronting things - that may be difficult to hear - but that come from a place of love and care.

We have both done a lot of inner work and our self-awareness is high, so we have given each other a MEME that speaks to ourselves and helps us call out our own bullsh*t. If we're having a moment we simply message each other with "SEND ME MY MEME" and it's an instant circuit breaker. We also deploy it in case of emergency on Friday nights when the gin might be talking and it's best that our mouths don't!

We'd love to know about your Galentine's Lady, so drop us a comment below and send this link to someone that you cherish to celebrate them!

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