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Mum's The Word

May 11, 2019

Happy Mother's Day to you Lady! 

We've been full steam ahead for the past few weeks, sending Puzzles all over the world with the sweetest of accompanying notes.
Messages celebrating mums (and nanas too!) and all the hard work they do on the daily. 

We thought it might be an excuse to legit stalk a girl crush fun to reach out to some of our fave mummas on the Insty-squares and get their top tips on how to take time out when you're a parent.

They are heartfelt, truthful and a lot of them are hilarious; but the thing that really stood out to us when we were chatting with these women? Is that more often than not, after they described their self-care they asked "does that count?"

And they all do count! You know why? Because if it's purposeful and meaningful and something that you're doing for yourself in order to feel better, then it counts. It counts big time.
Flip the phrase "self-care" and remember that it's rooted in you caring for yourself. If you are aware enough to know you need to do something for you, then you're being an excellent caregiver to those around you too. You cannot pour from an empty cup Lady.

Without further ado, here our some of our faves! 

"I've become quite at home in the cheap massage places inside shopping centres. They aren't the glamorous day spas I wish I was frequenting, but I don't need a booking, I can keep my clothes on and I get a lie down #classy."
Byll - Teeny Tiny Stevies

"Lol, last week I self-cared. I threw Dusty into daycare, hired an Air Tasker to clean the house and took myself off to the movies and watched 'End Game' and ate popcorn for lunch."

"People say 'always carry snacks' and they're referring to the kids - but to stay sane as a parent you ABSOLUTELY need to have a snack stash for yourself. Hangry mums are angry mums, so have a break AND the KitKat"
Issy -  
Seriously Milestones

"Just set aside 5 minutes every day that is YOURS. Enjoy a cup of coffee before the kids wake, set them up with activities and find a corner to stretch out for yourself, break away and walk your dog when your partner gets home... Setting a habit for a small gesture that gives back to YOU every day means you'll build a guilt free habit that will become part of everyday..."
Cat Sanz - #fiveminutesofmine

"Ideally I'd like to be sunbathing on a beach, with some delicious beverage in hand once a week, without having to worry about the welfare of another human being; but even a half hour timeout can make the world of difference. I like to plug in my earphones and listen to a podcast, go for a walk on my lunch break, get my nails done or hide in my car and eat cheesecake. Any cake will do, really."
Tesha - Mother Lover

"Start mowing the lawn! I pop my headphones in and listen to a podcast, and not only is it fresh air and a little exercise but the noise of the mower/headphones cancels out any screaming or whinging from the kids that might be going on inside the house!"
Beck - Navy Wife Life

"There are days when being a mum is so full on, and when you hear the word 'mum' 45,899 times a day, it can drive you batty! My go-to when I need some 'me time' is to go for a walk. Not just a boring old walk, but one where you blast your fave tunes and walk down the street like you're about to break into a dance like Beyoncé. Play it loud. Shake off the day and hopefully by the time you've got home, your other half has got the kids to bed."
Lucy - Baby Berry Collective 

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