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Amanda wants you to be a Courageous Lady and TOUCH YOUR BREASTS

October 22, 2020

Amanda wants you to be a Courageous Lady and TOUCH YOUR BREASTS

Did you know that 55 Australian’s are diagnosed with breast cancer every single day?

This October - and every other month! - I want to encourage all women (and men) to look, touch and feel their breasts regularly. Why? Because early detection is our best chance of survival.

My name is Amanda, and I am the Lady behind Courageous Ladies – a community that celebrates women and inclusion – who by the age of 25 had lost both my parents to cancer, my mum to breast cancer and dad to multiple myeloma.

In early 2019 while I was navigating the dark depths of my grief, I desperately wanted to find a safe place where I felt less alone – at the time, I couldn’t find this special place, so I made it! Over the past 18 months the Courageous Ladies community has connected women from all over the world, where together they share their own vulnerable stories of courage.

2020 marks ten years since my mum, Prue, lost her breast cancer battle and to celebrate the milestone I wanted to reignite mum’s memory and turn my pain into purpose to ultimately help save lives.

To do this, I launched the Courageous Breast Awareness Hanger – an educational resource that is now hanging in bathrooms around the world – it is Australian made, environmentally friendly and supporting the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) with 100% of profits being donated to help fund their game-changing research.

Another special feature of the Courageous Breast Awareness Hanger is that all businesses involved in its creation are fellow female owned small Australian businesses – from the illustrations, graphic design and printing – all who generously donated their time and talent to bring my dreams to life.

To date I have sold over 1,750 shower hangers, donated thousands of dollars to the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) all while raising awareness and starting important conversations to help save lives – all in memory of my beautiful mum. And I know, this is just the beginning!

Remember, this October, and every other month, look, touch, and feel your breasts – because it could save your life!

A little self-love goes a long way when it comes to breast awareness – and I hope the Courageous Breast Awareness hanger helps removes any apprehension or fear when it comes to getting to know your breasts.

All my Courageous love,

Amanda x

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